jewellery care tips

To keep your Jewellery dust and dirt free, and to prevent unwanted oxidation or tarnishing, store your pieces in a Jewellery box with the lid closed (or a zip lock bag). Wrapping your Jewellery in a soft cloth will also keep it clean and prevent it from oxidizing. Wrapping your pieces individually will prevent scratching. When metal oxidizes, it turns darker in color. This is a natural process. If your piece was purposely oxidized to give depth and character, be careful as cleaners will remove this process. High humidity will make oxidation happen faster and, of course, individual body chemistry is a factor too. If you have any skin sensitivities or discolorations, don’t worry because it will wash off with a little soap and water.
Remember to apply your hair Sprays, perfume, and cosmetics before putting your Jewellery on.
Wire-wrapped Stones cannot be bent back and forth or the strength of the metal wire will weaken and eventually break.
Jade, vintage glass, and other dry or porous stones can be lightly oiled to maintain their shine and moisture.Leather pieces should be coiled naturally to retain their shape.
Mild cleaners and polishing cloths can be used to brighten and restore your Jewellery, especially metals, but beware of harsh chemicals or ionic cleaners. Semi-precious stones are best cleaned with a damp cloth. Beads and crystals can be cleaned with mild soapy water (lukewarm water; not hot); ensure that you remove all traces of soap. Gently pat dry using a soft-cloth and make sure your Jewellery is completely dry before storing again. Do not use solvents or any harsh chemicals, especially on freshwater pearls. Pearls should never be exposed to cleaners or any abrasive materials.