About Us

RoyalKundan Hut is a Family Owned Proprietorship firm having its registered office at Lalru Mandi, deals in Gold and Silver Kundan Jewellery on order basis. Royalundan Jewellery is the choice of Royal Personality ,special jewels Handcrafted by Rajasthani artist,these karigars are in this field from centuries , they are serving most of the world by their beautiful art it's only my interest that lead to me to choose this field as my career after leaving mechanical industry started my career with well-known light wt. Royalkundan jewellery specialist in Chandigarh named Anaha , always a great venture for me , taught me the basic of kundan jewellery, Very Thankful to Mr.Karanvir Singh Gosal , Mr. Harmanjot Singh Gosal and family for their effort and support by motivating and guiding me in this field , worked as a production engineer / supervisor for a period of 4 years , never forget those moments , learned a lot about gold its mechanical and chemical properties. Later Joined Pancham Jewellers, Rajpura a complete diamond and Kundan House Very Thankful to Mr. Pankul Aggarwal for his support towards my interest to learn. I was always willing to do a business in this field, keeping these in mind left Pancham on 12/08/2011 and started working with kundan Hut, Now with my dream to grow in the field of Royalkundan jewellery.


RoyalKundan Jewellery was most Popular and worn by Royal Personalities during Mughal Era. Mughal having a great contribution to India in the form of jewellery designs. RoyalKundan Jewellery making art is always a pride for Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry. It Represents our Tradition & Culture. RoyalKundan Hut's Focus is to lighten up our Traditional Culture by Providing Real RoyalKundan Jewels.


RoyalKundan Hut has the best experience regarding cost estimation and quality of a particular design. At RoyalKundan Hut engineering application are applied to calculate the gold wt. within a jewellery set. Most importantly, At Kundan Hut only those products are traded that qualifies cost and quality test.